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A Land without a Fence is like a Desert
A Land without a Fence is like a Desert
A Land without a Fence is like a Desert
A Land without a Fence is like a Desert
A Land without a Fence is like a Desert

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Versells Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Versells Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a leading electric fence construction company in Sri Lanka. Since 2012, we have provided services to ensure 100% safety of the farmer as well as the wild animals and the environment, based on the experience of many years and an excellent staff.

Our company is established in the city of  Maho in Kurunegala district to construct safety electric fences for farmers and  provide high quality and durable electric fence accessories to farmers to reduce the damage caused by wild animals, which has become a challenge to the agricultural sector in Sri Lanka. Animal damage in the agricultural sector is a huge loss to the farmer as well as to the economy of Sri Lanka which is striving to reach the developed level in the agricultural sector. We are committed to ensure that a future developed Sri Lanka is secure in the agricultural sector by avoiding this situation.

The electric fence devices that we use or sell are the most popular brands in the world, the most safe and durable with international standards. Our products or electric fence constructions are a relief for you, not a headache.

Friendy Service

Our friendly staff is eager to provide efficient service after knowing your needs well.

More Savings

We provide products or services with maximum value for your money with maximum protection

Quick Finishing

We are committed to complete your product orders or electric fence constructions in a very short time and handover them to you safely.

Alternative Methods

We have more alternative methods of construction electric fences that suit your budget. Discuss with us.

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Gross Cost Estimation

The first step in the construction of an electric fence is to estimate the approximate cost. In cases where the customer requests a gross cost estimate, our company's staff works quickly to provide it within a short period of 24 hours. The gross cost is given as a single figure and is not expected to be given as a detailed, formal corporate estimate. By considering the gross cost, the customer can get a rough idea of the cost of building the electric fence. It is an additional facility for customer's expense management. In order to prepare a gross cost estimate, it is mandatory to provide basic information to the institution about the nature of the land, location of the land, length of the fence etc. Without that information, declaring the gross cost to you may cause various errors.

Field Inspection

The second step in building an electric fence is the site inspection. If the customer confirms that the electric fence will be built by our company after having a complete understanding of the gross cost, our company will focus on the site inspection. The institute is ready to do the ground inspection free of charge within a distance of 10 km from the institute. The nature of the land where the electric fence is to be built, the length of the electric fence line, the places where the fence posts are to be identified, as well as meeting the customer and holding a full discussion about the construction of the electric fence will take place here. It is difficult to prepare a formal institutional cost estimate without a site survey.

Fence Cost Estimation

After the site inspection, a formal corporate cost estimate is provided to the customer. Setting this up is quite a complex task where we follow alternative methods to suit the customer's wallet and design more economical and more durable devices and materials. By using this formal cost estimate, the customer can get a complete understanding of the devices used in their electric fence, their shape, liability status, cost, etc. If necessary, there is also the possibility to discuss with us and make genuine changes.

Fence Construction

Construction of electric fence is the most important task as well. Our company is committed to making the electric fence more attractive and durable. With 13 years of excellent experience, our company is dedicated to carry out the work by giving special attention to every aspect of the electric fence. Our aim is to fulfill the needs of the customer in a very short time with higher quality. The energizer devices that we use are manufactured under international standards, with long warranty period and high quality. There are many models to choose from as well as different price points. Also, every device such as electric fence wire, insulators, tighteners etc. are manufactured under high quality testing. Contact us and realize the difference.


Fencing Accessories

We have almost all accessories used for electric fencing. We have high durability energizers, reel insulators, bullnose insulators, tighteners, wires, warning sign boards, siren systems, battery chargers, auto changeovers etc. at competitive prices. If you need any new electronic equipment, we also have the ability to manufacture it from scratch. We have technicians. More than 15,000 customers have purchased devices from our company and their comforting words have encouraged us. We are quick to ship your order on the same day and also have showroom pickup facility. Payment can be made through online banking or cash in hand. For customers who find it difficult to order from the website, it is possible to order directly by calling our hotline number. Our aim is to deliver the product you ordered safely and quickly.

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Customers Say

Mohamed Muassam

Happy Customer From Batticoloa

Dear,   I wanted to take a moment to provide feedback on my recent experience purchasing an elephant fence from your company. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise you demonstrated in dealing with me as a customer. Your courteous and friendly approach made the entire process of purchasing the fence an absolute pleasure. I was also very pleased with the high-quality product you provided. The elephant fence is exactly what I was looking for and has exceeded my expectations in terms of durability and effectiveness. Overall, I would highly recommend your company to anyone in need of an elephant fence. Thanks Versells Lanka Pvt Ltd.

Nalinda Pothuwila

Happy Customer From Attidiya, Colombo

I am well satisfied with the construction of electric fence done by Versells lanka (pvt) Ltd. Well trustable company and a best company.

Kushan Hasaranga

Happy Customer From Ampara was a boon to me when I was left with no other option to save my 5 acre garden from wild boars and Porcupine. That headache is over. Thank you!

Malinda Dilshan

Happy Customer From Galgamuwa

The best product ever found. Thanks to and Versells Lanka (Pvt) Ltd for protecting my crops from wild elephants. Its  trusted company and I recommend to all.

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